Gallery // conference // 2nd NEHAP Malaysia conference 2016

2nd National Environmental Health Action Plan (NEHAP) Conference 2016 was officiated by Datuk Seri Dr. S. Subramaniam, Ministry of Health Malaysia with the theme:

Partnership in Environmental Health: Towards Achieving Sustainable Development Goals 

The conference was held with the aim of strengthening collaboration and giving exposure to participants on the importance of NEHAP Malaysia. Apart from that, this Conference is act as a platform for the presentation of papers covering the field of environmental health as well as for all participants to interact and exchange opinions on the country’s environmental health problems.

The conference was attended by more than 150 participants from various Ministries and agencies at the federal and state levels, lecturers and university students as well as the private sector that are directly involved in environmental health related activities.

A total of three (3) general papers sand six (6) technical papers were presented were presented during Conference. The speakers and titles of the presentation papers involved are:


  1. Paper 1: Water & Sewerage by YBhg. Dato’ Mohd Ridhuan bin Ismail, CEO, SPAN.
  2. Paper 2: Integrated Solid Waste Management: Challenge And Future by Ybhg. Dr. Mohd Pauze bin Mohamad Taha, Deputy Chief Executive Officer (Technical) Solid Waste and Public Cleansing Management Corporation.
  3. Paper 3: Significance Of NEHAP MALAYSIA by YM Engku Azman Tuan Mat, Timbalan Pengarah Kanan Bahagian Perkhidmatan Kejuruteraan KKM.


  1. Paper 1: Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) by YBhg. Datuk Dr. Shahnaz binti Murad, Tim. KPK (P&ST).
  2. Paper 2: Mercury Contamination Incident: An Investigation by Dr. Zurahanim Fasha Binti Anual, Pegawai Penyelidik, IMR.
  3. Paper 3: Program Kitar Semula Komuniti, Jelapang by Hajah Fatimah Binti Ahmad, Pengarah, SWCorp Perak.
  4. Paper 4: When The Sick Carers Become Sick: The Prevalence And Risk Factors Of Sick Building Syndrome Cause By Poor Indoor Air Quality Among Healthcare Workers In Sabah by Dr. Sahipudin Bin Saupin, KPPK, JKN Sabah.
  5. Paper 5: Prevalence And Risk Factors Of Respiratory Symptom Among Children At Child Care Centers In Malaysia by Ir. Abdul Malik Bin Zainal Abidin, KPPK, BPK.
  6. Paper 6:Health Impact Assessment In Advancing Development: A Partnership Effort Between Stakeholders by Prof. Madya Dr. Hasni Bin Mohd Jaafar, Pensyarah Kanan, UKM.