Implementation Mechanism

The implementation mechanism comprises of a three-tier approach and they are as follows:


In order to carry out the implementation, the Secretariat NEHAP Malaysia has been established within the Ministry of Health. The roles of the Secretariat are as follows:

Main coordinator for NEHAP Malaysia.

Planning, reviewing, improving and coordinating the activities of NEHAP.

Coordinate and facilitate the preparation of the overall TWG’s action plan.

Secretariat for Steering Committee and Technical Committee.

Develop, monitor, review the efficiency and effectiveness of the NEHAP program through performance indicators.

Coordinate research requirements of environmental health.

Develop, maintaining and updating centralised database (myEHIS) to integrate environmental health data from all areas of concern for the purpose of data sharing and decision making. 

Analysing, reviewing and reporting the environmental health status regularly.

Focal point for national and international meetings or forums related to environmental health.