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First version published in December 2013. Contain 3 major parts:

Part 1: Framework on Environmental Health

The Framework provides a structure to deal with all sectors such as industry and trade, mining and energy, agriculture and forestry, transport, culture and social, and any infrastructure development agencies which might have a negative impact and/or the opportunity for a positive impact on the health of the population. This should establish a long-term institutional cooperative mechanism between the ministries responsible for health and ministries responsible for the environment and other relevant ministries and government sectors.

Part 2: Strategic Plan for Environmental Health

This strategic plan has been designed to be the guiding document for the implementation of the Framework on Environmental Health of the Malaysian Government. This plan provides the strategies to achieve the objectives of NEHAP. The actions needed to implement the strategies; the lead agencies of government and supporting agencies for each action will be defined during the implementation phase.

This part sets out a set of broad based objectives and strategies in Chapter 2 and these represent a set of initiatives for the long term. A set of Environmental Health Areas of Concern is set out in Part 2: Chapter 1 of this document. This gives more specific focus for the lead government sectors together with the supporting agencies to act on in the short or long term to improve the environment for human health.

The aim of implementing the Strategic Plan for Environmental Health (SPEH) is to focus attention on the relationship between environmental risk factors and health impacts.

Part 3: General Format for Action Plan for Environmental Health

This part specifies the General Format of Action Plan which will be used as a guide by the relevant Thematic Working Groups during the implementation stage of NEHAP. Currently, three formats are provided namely Format for TWGs Discussion, Format for Action Plan and Cost Benefit Ranking for Each Proposed Action. The format will be dynamic in nature whereby it will be subjected to continual revision by the sectors involved.